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ah, space…

I would like to take this moment to thank the massive downturn in the construction and development market. 

I now have room to park my car at work.


There’s a silver lining to every cloud, people!


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Wedding update Wednesday

Hello!  Welcome to the second and, most likely, last Wedding update Wednesday.

The dress fitting last week went amazingly well, with only one return visit needed.  Now the only dress I need to worry about getting altered is Elizabeth’s because she’s not arriving until next Tuesday.  Fingers crossed we’ll find someone who can alter the dress on short notice.

The hair and makeup trials went very well also.  Laura, Kate & I all got our hair done and, I have to say, we are going to look fantastic.  Alexis is very good at makeup, as well, and made us look like ourselves only moreso.  It’s going to be awesome.

The morning of the wedding is going to be a bit chaotic but we will all get over it.  9am start?  OK!  Champagne with breakfast?  OK!  8 or 9 ladies all getting ready in the same space?  Excellent!!  Honestly, though, I would not have it any other way.

The meeting with Gail on Friday at the reception venue was short and sweet.  No changes needed to be made save a small one to the seating arrangements.  We’ve got all our times sorted out for the day, too, which will make it a lot easier.  Gail is getting married on the 25th as well so won’t be there on the day, but hopefully she’s placed us in good hands!!

S & I have had a rough time of it the past few days narrowing down our music choices.  We’ve finally cracked it, though, and I am very relieved about that!! The three most important songs* are finalized and the ambiance music is as well.  It is not very often you get to choose every song that is going to be played on a venue’s PA System for two whole hours.  It is a great responsibility and we have not taken it lightly.  I hope people both pay attention to and enjoy our choices because it has been a long time coming.

Other than that there is not much to report.  I am getting very excited now about everyone coming to visit.

My brother gets in on Sunday but he’s staying in Edinburgh for a few days as a guest lecturer at Edinburgh University. (oh-ah!)

Alison gets in on Monday and is coming to stay at my house with me on Monday night!  About which I am very excited!!! 

My Dad and his wife are coming in Tuesday afternoon, as is Elizabeth.

Mom, Ms Anne and Judy & Dave are coming in on Wednesday.  Linda is also coming Wednesday as well.

Then it is Wedding Overload in the last of the few days before the event.

Panic required.


(*The large part of me which is still angry with KS is pleased with our song choices on a different level entirely; because I know she would be so very jealous.  Petty and childish, I know, but so satisfying…)

(And can I also take this moment to mention two people who can’t make it over for the wedding and how much I wish they could and how much I am going to miss them?  Sarah, yes I mean you.  Also my niece Natalie who is getting so big and, more than anyone else, I wish I lived closer to her…)

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