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the flu

I feel special to be part of something special.  According to The Times online, this year’s outbreak of flu is the highest in a decade, and I am one of them.

I started feeling poorly on the 11th, I spent last week in bed with a temperature over 102* for most days, and peeking at over 103*. I have not stopped coughing in as long as I can remember, it seems. 

I am fed up with being sick. I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel and I am done.

I have not done any Christmas baking.  I have not shopped for a single present.  I have not bought, written or sent any Christmas cards at all.  Sorry.

I missed 4 Idlewild concerts (which tells you just how sick I am), an entire week of work and two pre-Christmas shopping weekends. 

Tomorrow is my last day of work before the holidays and I am struggling to get everything done that I need to get done.  It really is the season to be jolly and joyous.

I’ve no internet at home so my apologies for the lack of posting.

I hope you all have a wonderful season and stay clear away from me because I’m probably still contagious.



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the book of nightmares


If one day it happens

you find yourself with someone you love

in a café at one end

of the Pont Mirabeau, at the zinc bar

where white wine stands in upward opening glasses,


and if you commit then, as we did, the error

of thinking,

one day this will only be memory,



as you stand

at this end of the bridge which arcs,

from love, you think, into enduring love,

learn to reach deeper into the sorrows

to come – to touch

the almost imaginary bones

under the face, to hear under the laughter

the wind crying across the black stones.  Kiss

the mouth

which tells you, here,

here is the world. This mouth.  This laughter.  These temple bones.


The still undanced cadence of vanishing.


-Galway Kinnell – “Little Sleep’s-Head Sprouting Hair in the Moonlight” from The Book of Nightmares

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I have been to the theatre once in the past 5 years.  I used to go all the time.  We were members of the Great Lakes Theatre Festival and we went every few months to see a play downtown.  Chekhov, Shakespeare, Sondheim, Williams.  And every year The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  Not to mention the Cleveland Orchestra’s Christmas Concert at Severance Hall.  And I miss it.  Terribly.

So I thought I would take a look at what Glasgow has to offer in the way of Holiday Theatre this year.  Considering how culturally enhanced Glasgow wants you to think it is, the choice is rather lacking.  I can see any one of about 50 Christmas Pantos (horrid things aimed mainly at children, their adults, and people with less than 7 brain cells) which I have no desire to do at all, or I can wait until February when the ballet is showing The Nutcracker.  Why in February?  I have no idea.  No idea in the slightest.

Is it really possible that I am so strapped for choices when living in the largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the whole of the UK?  Yes, it would seem so.

I guess I am just unwilling to take a break from the familiar.  The Royal Scottish National Orchestra does have a Christmas Concert, but it focuses on The Snowman, which is apparently a “magical family film” which is played in full accompanied by live narration and music.  How thrilling.  The Glasgow Chamber Orchestra is also playing a Christmas Concert, just the one, tomorrow.  The choir that is singing is the Glasgow Hospitals’ Choir and, while all proceeds go to sick children in Glasgow, it is just too depressing for me.

So what should I do?

I could fly down to London for the day and see what sort of festive offerings they have for me.  I would have my fingers crossed for The Christmas Carol, but that doesn’t seem to be so popular here.  Or I could sit at home in a dark room with my eyes closed, playing a CD of the Cleveland Orchestra’s Christmas music which we bought many, many years ago and I could just pretend I am at a concert.

And, while I am at it, what does a girl have to do to see a live theatre production of a Shakespeare play? Travel to the Globe Theatre in London?  Or wait for the spring when the “narrative ballet” version comes to the Theatre Royal?  Seriously.

On the plus side, The King’s Theatre in Edinburgh is showing a version of Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett in April staring Gandalf and Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart) for which I have already booked my tickets.  For the first night just in case I NEED to see it again.  And again.  Masterpiece of modern theatre?  I fear that may be an understatement.

Bring on the Christmas season.  And for pete’s sake someone please bring me some culture!

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