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paris, again

I thought I would post a few pictures from the last trip to Paris.

First: Stalking?  Oh, no, we weren't stalking!!

Me and Alison with the French schoolboys.  Look at their ties.  I know, right?


Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris

I have no idea where this is, but there you go!

So, I hope the next post about Paris will be photos from this most recent trip.

Apparently Kate has picked up a few phrase books.  I don’t know why, I speak excellent French.

Pardonnez-moi, puis-je avoir un chocolat chaud, s’il vous plaît?

C’est la Tour Eiffel?

Je sais que nous sommes grands, mais pas, vous ne pouvez pas aller à la maison avec nous.

Voyez-vous? Parfait!

tout mon amour


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La Tour from L'Arc de Triumph by Xena B on Flickr

La Tour from L'Arc de Triumph by Xena B on Flickr

I do not have a good relationship with France.  Ask Alison, she’ll tell you.

When we were at Edgehill Alison and I went to Paris for the weekend with a few of our other Study Abroad pals.  We took the train to London, then met the Tour Operator in London from whence we sallied forth on our adventure.  Tour bus from London to Dover, ferry from Dover to Calais then back on the tour bus for the drive to Paris.

Once we arrive in Paris it was a night time boat tour on the River Seine.  How lovely, how beautiful…  At the end of the three days (four days?  I can’t remember…) it was a repeat of the bus-ferry-bus-train fiasco which we took on the way to Paris.

It would have been an amazing weekend, really, if I hadn’t caught the worst stomach flu EVER which decided to rear it’s ugly head on the train to London.  Man, was I sick.  Sick, sick, sick. 

The stomach bug was exacerbated by the fact that someone on our tour bus smelled very strongly of body odor.  And then there was the ferry, which wasn’t the smoothest ride in the world.  And in the evening there was the river tour of Paris.  Not the best idea, by far.

I still have fond memories, though.  Sara B wearing my t-shirt which read “I’m an American, pickpocket me!!”.  Alison and I taking a picture of two random French schoolboys dressed in their highly entertaining school uniforms.  Seeing the Louvre.  Seeing the Eiffel Tower.

This time when I go to Paris I am not going to get sick.  I am NOT going to get sick.

I can not wait to see the Eiffel Tower again.  I can’t wait to see Notre Dame Cathedral.  I can’t wait to sit in the back of a crowded cafe, smoking a cigarette (or not) and saying “my ass is twitching.  you people make my ass twitch.” 

And it is going to take all of my will power not to wander into an over-priced fancy hotel and make fun of the concierge. “Do you enjoy being this rude?”

If you are wondering about the references, they are from French Kiss, the movie my mom owns.

Or, more poetically, you can back track to my Galway Kinnell post and muse over how I’ll be sitting, one day, in a cafe at one end of the Pont Mirabeau… 

Vue du pont Mirabeau by _FXR on Flickr

Vue du pont Mirabeau by _FXR on Flickr

So, it’s T- minus 11 days to Paris and it is going to be fantastic.



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