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Once you’ve quit your job, that is.

So far I’ve watched 4 films (An Affair To Remember, Minority Report, Pretty In Pink & Almost Famous), 4 episodes of Criminal Intent, 4 episodes of Without A Trace, and 8 episodes of Friends.  Not to mention some daytime television, Tennis and UK TV Food. 

I’ve also finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird and have assembled notes on the text for our “book club”, and I’ve started reading Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. 

I’ve taken three baths and two showers.

I have read the entire back catalogue of 9 Chickweed Lane comics on Comics.com (3,040 strips).

I have had lunch with a former Temp who worked at Land Engineering. It was an interesting conversation.

I have eaten an entire “giant” watermelon. 

Oh, and I also revised my C.V., spoke to the temp agency twice and wrote 4 cover letters to send out on Monday.

If any of you have any desire to wish me well, I am waiting to hear whether I’ve got an interview for a perfect job next week sometime, so cross your fingers!!

In the next few days I plan to watch more TV, more films, read more books (I got 4 out from the library) and eat more watermelon.  Summertime is a great time to have no job.

If only I had a job!!!



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