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I’m going to get this out of the way right now: We did a LOT of driving on this holiday.  A LOT.  Around 2,500 kilometers, actually (that’s 1,500 miles, btw) and a great bulk of that driving was done on days 4 & 5. 

On the fourth day we drove from our hotel in Selvino to the ski resort of St. Moritz nestled deep in the base of the Alps.  The drive took a long time, but unfortunately wasn’t that interesting.  I blame this on the weather – it was misty and grey the whole day which didn’t give us the spectacular view of the mountains we were hoping for. 

Don’t get me wrong, the views were pretty amazing, just limited due to the heavy clouds.  We ended up taking a cable car ride up the side of a mountain (mostly for skiers), which was wonderful.  When you got to the top you could tell you were pretty high up simply because it was COLD.   Cold and windy.

There are a lot of meandering lakes in the region which, because of their altitude, were frozen solid.  There were people cross-country skiing on these vast expanses of ice.  It was cool to see these huge, flat areas surrounded by towering mountain peaks and dotted with the tiny forms of skiers. 

 For example:

They also had a lot of snow. A very, very lot of snow:

One very fun part of the day we actually got to experience twice, once on the way up towards St. Mortiz and once on the way back down. Of course I mean the road:

I don’t think I’d go back to St. Moritz because I don’t ski and, really, that’s all there is to do there except to pretend you’re posh. There was plenty of posh!!!

The weather stayed pretty awful for the whole day and when we got back to Selvino it was raining hard. We had dinner in the Irish themed pub across the street from our hotel, mainly because it was open. They extent of the Irish theme seemed to be that they sold Guinness, but none of the menu was themed and I didn’t even see fish & chips on there, which was refreshing. We both had pasta and it was very delicious.

After dinner we ended up in a wee cafe across the street where we had a cappuccino and a plateful of tiny pastries which were perfectly delicious. The cafe was family run and very relaxed. Apart from the owners and one other table we were the only ones there and the owners actually had their dinner while we were there (pizza). The proprietress was a very nice and helpful woman. I only wish we’d gone there before our last evening in Selvino because I would have liked to have given them more of our custom.

So, that was day 4. A very busy day filled with bad weather and lots of driving, but it was still a great day. If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from Day 4, you can do so HERE.


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