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restoring the faith

In humanity, that is.

Sometimes I despair at the state of the world these days. I know I’m not technically “old” but the youth these days make me worry about the future. Sometimes.

Other times, like this afternoon, my hopes are buoyed.

At the checkout at the grocery store there was a boy, probably 12 years old, putting all of his change into the charity box. It was a children’s charity of some kind. His friend was just standing there looking bored when the first one turned to him and said, “You’ve got change, right? It’s good money for a good cause.” and made his friend donate his change as well.





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haunting indeed

I read a post this morning on What Possessed Me which has chilled me to my marrow.

It is very well-written but very painful and desperately, desperately sad.

Every year my parents rent out the Little House That Could for part of the summer. Because they love the house, they choose people who will love it too – usually young families that are drawn to its rustic charm and its proximity to the ocean. When they return home, we find traces of the summer they left behind: a pot boiler, a pingpong table, a beach paddle, a rainbow umbrella, all little offerings to the Little House That Could.

For the full text of this heart-wrenching story go to What Possessed Me. Please, read it. It may be sad, but it is necessary.

My thoughts and prayers to the woman’s family, to her husband and to her four little ducks. Prayers also to the many who tried to save her.

Remember when you’re swimming this summer that water is, and always has been, dangerous. Keep an eye on your loved ones. Be safe.


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The Song: The Opener

The Band: The Courteeners

Boy oh boy was this week’s choice a toughie! I decided to go with “The Opener” which is the first song from The Courteeners‘ second studio album, Falcon.

I first heard of the Courteeners after the release of their début album St. Jude which was released in 2008. I have to admit I wasn’t entirely convinced. Their second album, though, was a totally different story. The lead single from Falcon was “You Overdid It, Doll” and I first heard it in late February. The video (see link above) is very, very well done and the song is fantastic. The rest of the album contains songs which are guaranteed to get your feet tapping and yearning for a packed dance floor. Falcon (in its entirety) provided the soundtrack to our European road trip in March; I swear we listened to this, and not much else, for seven days straight; never once did we get bored.

“The Opener” is my favourite track. It builds slowly and then keeps hitting you with wave after wave of pure, unfiltered awesome. I love it. I could recite some industry terms like “hook” and “dynamic”, but I am not going to; it’s the raw energy I like about this song. I just love it. Listen to it above (You Tube non-video video link) and then listen to it again (for good measure) and then go straight to the online retailer of your choice and buy the album, it’s lovely.

The Opener by The Courteeners

I’ve been away, I’ve been working
But now I’m back I need to know if you’re still there
And I need to know if you still care
Of course you do, of course you do
You were made for me, and I was made for you

Some things change, but the majority stands still
And I need to know if you want to
And I need to know if you will
Of course you do, of course you do
But I was made for this place, and I was made for you

I don’t know if you would welcome me back with
open arms through the door
I don’t expect anything but please know that I love you for sure
Please be sure

I miss your eyelashes and the streets where I grew tall
I miss getting piss wet through
Getting to yours and getting warm
I miss stopping over and borrowing someone else’s clothes
It’s so nice to be home, you’d never have known that
I’d even been away

I miss the city I love but I’ve been having an affair
With L.A and New York, Dundee
And Doncaster if I may dare
Of course I do, of course I do
But I was meant for this place, and I was meant for you

I miss the city I love but I’ve been having an affair
With L.A and New York, Dundee and Doncaster if you
should care. Of course you do, of course you do

But I was made for this place and I was made for you
My heart is here, here to stay

See you here next week!

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I thought I would share some links that I am looking at this week.

Not for any real reason, just because.

You’ve probably already seen them, anyway.



The PEN Story

According to the website: “This is the PEN Story in stop motion. We shot 60.000 pictures, developed 9.600 prints and shot over 1.800 pictures again. No post production!”

I think it is phenomenal.


That Will Buff Out
“He Just Wanted to Be With His Friends”

That Will Buff Out
Car vs. Car vs. People vs. Bikes. vs. Whatever They Ride in China

This one is more scary than funny, but there’s a particularly hilarious bit at around 1:55


According to the Paisley Blog, Scottish Holidaymakers miss Irn Bru most when they go on holiday.

Apparently, this is what they miss most:

1 Irn Bru
2 Square sausage
3 Haggis
4 Tunnocks Teacakes
5 Tattie scone

I can NOT agree with the Irn Bru thing because it is revolting, but the others I can totally get on board with. Although rather than teacakes I’d miss Tunnocks Caramel Wafers more.


This VIDEO of a guy building a city out of staples which just blows my mind. I mean, it’s pretty amazing, I know, but imagine having that much time and inclination! Wow.


Scottish Football Philosopher has an interesting article about the upcoming London 2012 Olympics and England’s attitude towards Scottish sport in the past/future.


Go to I Can Has Cheezburger and watch this adorable kitten video. It’s priceless.

Also, while you are there, check out this Super Attack Kitty. Just make sure you are some place where it is suitable to laugh out loud.

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Scott Matthews

The Song: Underlying Lies

The Man: Scott Matthews

This song is the original inspiration behind Tunesday. “Underlying Lies” is the opening track of Matthew’s second album, Elsewhere which was released over a year ago in May 2009.   His début album, Passing Stranger is one of my favourite albums of all time, so I was very excited when Elsewhere was released.  There is not one song on the album that I wouldn’t recommend. It is stunning. This album lures you in from the first notes and the entire world disappears as you listen.

We’ve also been to see him live twice and I can say for certain they were some of the best gigs I have ever been to. He is amazing live. His talent shines through and he is very funny, as well. Good music and good banter? My idea of a fabulous night!!

I have chosen this particular song for a few reasons which I am not going to tell you. You’ll have to go listen to it yourself. If you go to his website, linked above, you can listen to this song and three others. Scott Matthews gets better with each song he releases and I can heartily recommend this song and this album. Listen to it, you won’t regret it!

Underlying Lies by Scott Matthews

I don’t feel like I know you
Flawed in trust and in truth you fake excuse
From the moment that I wake up
You taste the venom in your tea cup

As I look out the window
All I see is a deadly row of eyes
With no colour in their makeup
Many cracks in a mask that hides disgrace

In the paper there’s a headline
“A vicious cloud weighs the sky down tonight”
They forsee a bloody screaming
In the palms of a man who is seething

I can smell your fake smile now
The glue sets on a face you wear proud
Remind me who the hell you are
I don’t remember thinking we were ever friends

Spare me your bullshit
Cracking a smile disguises
All the underlying lies
They’re bursting from your eyes

You’re the traitor with a pounding head
As you drank another toast to the living dead
It’s not wise to celebrate so soon
The party’s over and you’re sweeping up the room

I’m only glad that I brushed you aside
Cause I was choking on the dust from you empty mind
You’re full of promises unpaid
This only serves to remind me you’re a fake
A counterfeit will break

Go to his website and listen to this song (upper left corner) then go buy the album. Both of them if you can. But, above all of that, go and see him live. He’s amazing.


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