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Winter has well and truly set in around these parts. We’ve had a few weeks consistent below-zero temperatures and, at the weekend, we had snow.

I know, I know, snow in this part of the world in November is CRAZY TALK! BUT, I can prove it to you…

Snow on ivy! How pretty?!

See? Snow. And little kitty pawprints in said snow. How fantastic is that?!

Happy winter, folks!


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happy thanksgiving!

I hope you are all having a lovely Thanksgiving!

As you know, I held our Thanksgiving last Saturday – I always choose the weekend closest to the actual day that S has off work. It was a quiet affair for once with just family which suited me just fine.

Our Thanksgiving Table

This is what I served (follow links to the recipes where available):

I was so pleased to finally be hosting Thanksgiving in our home. We got to use our fancy silverware and our tableware which we got as gifts at the wedding and have lived in our loft ever since!!

I also got to finally share Thanksgiving with my Scottish family which was very nice.

Today I would like to be in Kansas with my American family as they sit down at the table to give thanks, but you can’t have everything!

To those hosting today: Good luck! I am sure it will go swimmingly.

To those merely gobbling: Good luck, as well!

Now I’m  off to re-heat the last of my leftovers (thoughtfully frozen until today!) and have my own, smaller Thanksgiving lunch!


p.s. If you are not hungry when you wake today read this, it will help: Jenny Matlock: Thanksgiving Morning

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