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chippewa lake, an update?

When I was in Ohio in June I made a point of taking a detour to Chippewa Lake to see the destruction of the site.

I was very surprised to see not much has happened with the new development at all. There were a few construction trucks and a couple of parked cars by the gate next to where the Coaster used to be, but no development visible from the edge of the property.

I’m wondering whether anyone out there knows what’s going on? Was there a lack of funding? A planning problem? Did they deconstruct the most tangible memories of the park only for the project to languish under lack of steam?

The ferris wheel is still standing, so that’s one good thing. My husband said he thought it would be bigger…

Also, there’s a small sign outside one of the cottages that says Chippewa Lake Museum Coming Soon, or Future Sight of Chippewa Lake Museum or something like that. Which is very promising, if you ask me.


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