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Red 14 Photography

Well, it’s finished. At long last. After months of deliberation, indecision and, above all else, trying to find a name for it, I have finally opened my Etsy shop.

I am very pleased indeed to present to you:

Red 14 Photography

There you can buy prints of some of my photographs. It’s a bit sparse at the moment but over time I will have more selection. It is a very time consuming process getting prints ready for sale. Nothing, in my mind, is good enough Straight Out of Camera and therefore I have become very good friends with Photoshop over the past few months.

Browse. Buy if you want. Tell your friends.

I may never sell a single print, but at least I’m out there trying.


p.s. Red 14 is from the Roulette wheel. Apparently it’s my lucky number. Who knew?

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