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more photoshop actions

I bet you’ve all been wondering what on Earth I’ve been doing with my time? Apart from squirrelling away the last of the hot chocolate marshmallows so I don’t need to share, that is.

Well, I’ve been messing about with Photoshop some more and I have to say I am pleased with the results. I took these Straight-Out-of-Camera (SOOC)shots on Thursday morning at my work. I park my car next to a dessicated hydrangea bush every morning yet for some reason had never snapped it before. This day was different.

I am going to post the SOOC shots first followed by the results of my photoshop tinkering (including the name of the action I used and where I got it from).


Urban Acid & Rich Colour Landscape

For this shot I used two actions. First I applied the Urban Acid action found HERE (number 70) and followed with Shay’s Rich Colour Landscape (number 56 on the same page).


Urban Acid

For this shot I stuck to just using the above mentioned Urban Acid action. I love this action for landscapes requiring a little roughing up. It doesn’t work very well for portraits in my limited use, however, if you’re looking to add that certain mystique and a bit of danger, then Urban Acid is for you.


Lomo - no vignette

For this one I used my tried, true and absolute favourite action: Lomo. There are four options with this action depending on the size of the border you would like in the finished product. I chose to eliminate the border all together for this shot.

For fun I thought I would leave you with an example of my own action. I call it Allison’s Cartoon Action and it’s meant to turn a photograph into a handmade (painted/drawn) work. It’s crude, but fun. I hope you like it.


Allison's Cartoon Action

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Enjoy!



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