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Hello folks! I had plans to go to a gig in Glasgow tonight but because of the snow I’m stuck at home. It’s not much snow but it all fell very quickly and the traffic was, apparently, astounding. Most public transport was cancelled, etc. Glad I only work 4 miles from home!!

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to put a post up about the Christmas crafting I’ve been doing. I am not sure what it is about the holidays but they make me want to hot glue gun and glitter out. So I have been hard at work.  Mostly I browse the internet and find something I want for the house and then try to make it myself. I enjoy the mystery involved because it could turn out wonderfully or it could be a complete waste of my time!!

Luckily the projects I have been working on over the past week or so have all turned out perfectly.  Well, mostly!! 🙂

First, and I have to give half the credit to my patient, wonderful husband, I saw this Wooden Christmas Tree on Apartment Therapy, found out if I wanted to buy it from the Etsy seller it would cost me over £100 and decided “I can do that!”. It took a LOT of sawing and drilling, sanding and staining and also about seven coats of varnish, but I could not be more pleased with the final result.  I love our new Christmas Tree SO MUCH!  It sits about 2 feet high, is made of pine stripping, took us about 24 hours to do all told but only cost us around £10 (if you include the fact that we had to buy an electric sander it’s closer to £25!). Tell me what you think!

forgive the lighting, please!


and here it is in its natural environment

Next I decided to take it a bit (a LOT) easier and made these adorable glitter “trees” out of florist foam cores. I got the idea from eighteen25 and adapted it for myself. As you can see in the photo below I do not have lovely fancy candlesticks as “trunks” for mine, just tiny ceramic flower pots turned upside down. I love the way they look on our table and they were so easy! If I had more time I would probably make more and more and more of them until we’re buried in glitter trees! I would love to know what you think of them!

glitter trees!

After scrolling through Under the Table and Dreaming’s fantastic website I was inspired to copycat her gorgeous reindeer. I did the best I could, being both new at this whole crafting craziness and also short on supplies. I love my little reindeer and I plan to make another one tomorrow. I would have made it tonight but I can’t decided to make the new one smaller or bigger than the one I already have.

again with the bad lighting! sorry!!!

On top of all of that I have also turned our cut-crystal centrepiece bowl into a Christmas Baubles Bowl and made my own potpourri:

baubles & battery-powered LED lights!

scratch & sniff? you wish!

The ceramic bowl contains nuts (in shell), chestnuts, cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise and smells of cinnamon and clove essential oils. I also have one (not pictured) that contains little sprigs of pine and smells of pine (duh!) and cedar. Neither of them are overpowering, but the whole house smells like Christmas. Over the past few years I expect I have spent about £1,000 on scented Christmas candles and this year I said NO MORE!, went to the local health food store, bought some essential oils (enough to last forever!) and made my own.

Together with the Christmas tree and other various decorations I should think our house is properly decked out for the holidays this year. I have cooled my hot glue gun and stowed my crafting box away until I am overcome with the need to make more goodies (tomorrow-reindeer!).

I really would like to know what you all think of our new decorations. I am very happy with them and, considering they cost very little and too even less time to make, I can see myself concocting a home-made Christmas every year!


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Covet is not a strong enough word.

My Scratch Map as seen on Apartment Therapy.

Love. It.



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