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nothing to be done

So, how was the play?

 I really think there’s only one word to describe it: phenomenal. 

Let me tell you this – it is one thing to see a movie and comment that there was great acting, but you must always keep in mind that there were probably 10 (or more) takes and a whole bunch of editing between what you’re watching and the actual acting. Obviously, live performances are very different from this.  The actors only get one take and, *gasp* there is NO EDITING!

So much the better, as far as I can say.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen were both astounding.  They delivered their lines with an excellence of timing and expression that was entirely absorbing.  Each movement and syllable – every breath – was wholly characteristic.  They did not falter.  Their performance was at times hilarious and heart-wrenching. Their laughter was infectious and their tears (purposefully crocodile or otherwise) were saddening.  I would go back again, night after night, if I could.

The best Waiting for Godot I have ever seen. Even Kate agreed, stating that you can quite obviously identify the quality of the acting. 

I wish I could re-live it.  I would sit closer to the stage, if possible, and I would ensure I was better prepared.

I realise there are three other actors that I have left out of my review and I apologise, but my mind is full of Didi and Gogo.  I promise a more comprehensive review of their (substantial) acting talents at another time.

For now I leave you with this revelation: I am going to the ballet with Kate on Friday.  Yes, The Ballet (shock, horror!) and yes, that means two cultural outings in one week.  My brain might explode. 




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