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I hate waiting. Not the fifteen people in the queue ahead of you at the post office kind of waiting, but real waiting. ¬†Like knowing you have the winning lottery numbers but having to wait until Saturday to find out for sure. Like thinking you’ve failed an exam but you won’t know the results until a week from Friday.

At the moment I am doing a lot of waiting.

On top of the everyday waiting I’ve grown used to (waiting for S to get home from work, waiting for my favourite show to come on TV, etc) there¬†seems to be a lot more immediate, impatient waiting going on than usual. For example, I am always desperately waiting for the end of the work day / week, and I mean that sincerely. The wait for the clock to tick over to home time at the end of my work day seems the longest wait of all…

What else am I waiting for?


My 30th (I know, right?) birthday in May.

Our Fantastic Grand USA Adventure, also in May.

Someone to finally, finally give me a permanent job.

…Well, I could really go on forever.

What about you? What are you waiting for?



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