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no internet

I think this might be what a drought feels like.

The internet at our house is broken. The internet on my phone is unreliable. The internet at my work is inaccessible. 

Therefore I am without internet.

Strangely I am enjoying it a little. (a very, very little)

If I did have the internet I would be researching U.S. Route 66. Just a side note.

I would also be posting a link-rich post about this week’s choice for Tunesday.  As it stands, however, I am simply going to give you the artist and song title. You all have internet (or you wouldn’t be here) so you’ll have to look it up for yourself.

Think of it as me sending you on an adventure…NO, a QUEST.

Yes, I am sending you on a QUEST. From my mobile phone’s unreliable internet connection. Because I love you all that much.

This week’s Tunesday: Old Old Fashioned by Frightened Rabbit. 

Once you listen to it my choice will be quite obvious!  Enjoy your QUEST!!



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