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Hello.  Welcome back after your long and unexplained absence.  How have you been?  We’ve missed you.


Oh, wait.  Strike that and reverse it.


I am sorry I have been away so long, and on such a cliff hanger.


S and I went to Egypt on our honeymoon (more on that later) and when I came back I lost my job.  So then I spent the next week frantically searching for a new job, then I started my new job.  All this while still having no reliable source of Internet at the house.  Unless piggy-backing off of someone’s unsecured wireless network counts, which I don’t think it does.


Anyway.  FM Construction went into administration which means it has gone bust. Bankrupt. Belly-up.  Whatever.  So not only do I no longer have a job there, I don’t get the benefit of a notice period with pay, or any redundancy pay at all (mostly because I am an American and don’t qualify for “government assistance”).


So I had a week off after our week in Egypt during which I registered for a temp agency and was assigned to a job.  Not a bad turnaround in this market!  So I am working as a temp at Land Engineering in Fenwick, waiting to be taken on permanently.  It’s 4 miles from my house and I would get a raise.  Not a bad situation in this market!!


Other than that there is no news, really. 


Oh, wait, yes there is.  I’m going to Paris!  Actually, I am not going on my own, I am going with friends, so it should read We’re going to Paris, but I didn’t want you to assume the “we” would be S and I, because it’s not.  It’s Kate and Julie and I. 


We’re going to Paris for the day on Saturday March 7th.  We’ll leave Glasgow at 7am and get into the centre of Paris by 10:45.  In order to catch our plane we need to leave the centre of Paris at 8pm and we’ll arrive back in Glasgow at half past 11.


Including all taxes and airport fees it comes to £16.20 per person. 


Isn’t that awesome?  Yeah, I thought so.  So we’re going to Paris for lunch!!!


I’ll keep you posted, I hope, more frequently now that things have settled down some.





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