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On the whole I like surprises. Providing, of course, it’s not the psycho-clown jumping out at you in a haunted house type of surprise.

This afternoon when S and I returned from a day out and about, just as we were entering the house, we got stopped by a delivery guy with a rather large cardboard box.

Although I did insist it couldn’t possibly be for us (after all, we weren’t expecting any deliveries), he kindly pointed out that unless I was someone else and lived at some other house then yes, in fact, the delivery was for me.

I couldn’t figure what it could be. I couldn’t figure who it could possibly be from.

Then I opened it up the smallest centimetre and saw a glimpse of the most gorgeous sunshine yellow flower petals and I knew instantly.

My dear friend Kate who used to live in Scotland but now lives in Kansas had sent me flowers.

Not just flowers. Sunflowers.

I did not even need to read the enclosed card to verify (although the note she wrote was wonderful, too).

I miss Kate desperately since she moved back to Kansas. I miss our weekly dinners. I miss her smile and her laugh. But, until I get to see her at the end of May these flowers and the memory of receiving them will keep me smiling.

So thank you, Kate, for making this dull February afternoon so much brighter than I could ever have expected it to be.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Thanks again, Kate. I won’t forget it.


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yes, seriously.

I would like to take a minute to talk about some friends of mine who have embarked on an experience which is very, very awesome. I could struggle here to think of the right words to describe how brave I think Stephanie and Nick are for giving up their metropolitan life and moving to Chile to manage a sheep farm, but I would never be able to do either of them justice.  So I am going to do the only thing I can think of doing and let you read about their adventure in their own words.

Please visit their blog: A Clevelander’s Tale of Farm Life in Chile, I promise you will be impressed.

To Stephanie & Nick: I wish you both the best of luck and I hope we can see each other soon.



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