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Tonight I am:

  • Watching The Shining because it is my favourite “scary” movie. I don’t buy into all those gore-fests with murderous zombies or possessed dolls raving around trying to kill infallibly stupid people. No, what scares me is the idea of a perfectly normal father going ape-s**t crazy and chasing his own wife and son with an axe around a completely empty hotel in the middle of a frozen wasteland.
  • Listening to the new Kings of Leon album which I haven’t stopped listening to since I bought it.
  • Making my own hot apple cider which is loosely based on this recipe.
  • Baking pumpkin-spiced molasses cookies which are very loosely based on this recipe. They are delicious – I made the dough a few weeks ago and have it stored in my freezer to bake when the mood strikes. Awesome.
  • Lamenting over the fact that the only baking tray that will fit in my oven holds just six cookies at a time. Silly UK oven sizes!!
  • Catching up on the thousands of blogs I’ve neglected to read over the past few weeks.
  • Desperately wishing I had about a million of these, these and these. And this. And this. Very thankfully I already have these (thanks Kate!) and these!
  • Finishing off my scary story assignment for the I.V.W.G. meeting on Tuesday.
  • Evening-dreaming about getting to see my niece, Erin again.
  • Playing around with Photoshop actions and editing some pretty ordinary photos like this:


To extraordianry photos like this:


(I LOVE photoshop. )

And that is what I am doing with my Friday evening. What about you?!






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