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I am swamped with pre-Thanksgiving preparations and therefore do not have time to write anything proper. So I shall leave you with these links to keep you busy until I get back!

why modern books are all too long

awesome camera lens bracelets

are offensive words more tempting after they’ve been  banned?

spare some change to help save three original charles dickens manuscripts

type in your own handwriting

what can you do in 25 words?

a book you must read – and buy a copy for me while you’re at it

and finally,

happee fangsgivings, everyone!


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Tonight I am:

  • Watching The Shining because it is my favourite “scary” movie. I don’t buy into all those gore-fests with murderous zombies or possessed dolls raving around trying to kill infallibly stupid people. No, what scares me is the idea of a perfectly normal father going ape-s**t crazy and chasing his own wife and son with an axe around a completely empty hotel in the middle of a frozen wasteland.
  • Listening to the new Kings of Leon album which I haven’t stopped listening to since I bought it.
  • Making my own hot apple cider which is loosely based on this recipe.
  • Baking pumpkin-spiced molasses cookies which are very loosely based on this recipe. They are delicious – I made the dough a few weeks ago and have it stored in my freezer to bake when the mood strikes. Awesome.
  • Lamenting over the fact that the only baking tray that will fit in my oven holds just six cookies at a time. Silly UK oven sizes!!
  • Catching up on the thousands of blogs I’ve neglected to read over the past few weeks.
  • Desperately wishing I had about a million of these, these and these. And this. And this. Very thankfully I already have these (thanks Kate!) and these!
  • Finishing off my scary story assignment for the I.V.W.G. meeting on Tuesday.
  • Evening-dreaming about getting to see my niece, Erin again.
  • Playing around with Photoshop actions and editing some pretty ordinary photos like this:


To extraordianry photos like this:


(I LOVE photoshop. )

And that is what I am doing with my Friday evening. What about you?!





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tunesday – postponed

I’m sorry but my brain is just not in the right place for Tunesday at the moment, so I am postponing until tomorrow. It will be worth the wait, though. Trust me.

In the meantime

Dream about living here.

Make this and hang it in your office. Or anywhere.

Make this delicious recipe and then tell me what it was like. Delicious, obviously…

Learn how to pirate vinyl records. Why? Who knows…

Agree with me that this article is awesome.

LOVE this.

Be amazed (and completely freaked out) by these photographs.

And simply be amazed at this man and his artwork/hobby. It’s phenomenal.

So, until tomorrow I hope you enjoy these links. I can’t wait to choose this week’s choice for Tunesday! Be excited because it’s amazing!


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I thought I would share some links that I am looking at this week.

Not for any real reason, just because.

You’ve probably already seen them, anyway.



The PEN Story

According to the website: “This is the PEN Story in stop motion. We shot 60.000 pictures, developed 9.600 prints and shot over 1.800 pictures again. No post production!”

I think it is phenomenal.


That Will Buff Out
“He Just Wanted to Be With His Friends”

That Will Buff Out
Car vs. Car vs. People vs. Bikes. vs. Whatever They Ride in China

This one is more scary than funny, but there’s a particularly hilarious bit at around 1:55


According to the Paisley Blog, Scottish Holidaymakers miss Irn Bru most when they go on holiday.

Apparently, this is what they miss most:

1 Irn Bru
2 Square sausage
3 Haggis
4 Tunnocks Teacakes
5 Tattie scone

I can NOT agree with the Irn Bru thing because it is revolting, but the others I can totally get on board with. Although rather than teacakes I’d miss Tunnocks Caramel Wafers more.


This VIDEO of a guy building a city out of staples which just blows my mind. I mean, it’s pretty amazing, I know, but imagine having that much time and inclination! Wow.


Scottish Football Philosopher has an interesting article about the upcoming London 2012 Olympics and England’s attitude towards Scottish sport in the past/future.


Go to I Can Has Cheezburger and watch this adorable kitten video. It’s priceless.

Also, while you are there, check out this Super Attack Kitty. Just make sure you are some place where it is suitable to laugh out loud.

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