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Oh, Monday.

It is Monday.  I hate Mondays.  Especially this one.

I don’t have a reason to hate this particular Monday any more than all of the others, but for some reason I feel as though I should.

The weekend was a waste, and that is putting it mildly.

We were painting the master bedroom this weekend.  And we are kind of in a hurry as we’ve only a week left until folks start arriving to stay for the wedding.  We are living out of the spare room at the moment and our bed is in the garage.  Not much room for people to sleep if we are in their room.  Unless they want to sleep in the garage.  Which is cold.  And full of spiders (see previous post).

So we’re in a hurry.  We chose a color and slapped some paint on the walls.  Most of it was finished on Friday evening since S was home.  Saturday afternoon I did a second coat of the edges which left only the second coat of roller paint on the main body of the walls.  Except I ran out of paint.  So off to B&Q with the empty can in hand so I can get paint from the same batch.  No small jars left so it cost £20 even though I did not need 2.5 litres.  Brought the paint home and rolled the second coat on the walls.

Different color.  Same batch number, according to the adolescent employee of B&Q, but different colors.  I gave up and went to bed.  S was out on his stag night*.

Trying to make the best of a bad situation, I decided to simply go over the edges again with the new batch of paint.  Up at 5:30 Sunday morning and in painting by 7:00.  Why?  Because I am insane.  So, I did a third coat of the edges with the new can of paint.

Different colors.  Noticeably different all over the room.  Like a patchwork quilt of Crown Fashion for Walls in Boutique. All gorgeous shades of the same basic color, but not all the same color.

I gave up.  When S woke around 11:30 I made him come to B&Q with me with the empty and half-empty cans of paint.  The woman was not very helpful.  She pointed out that they were different batches and, even though I explained to her that I’d asked a  member of her staff to help me the day before when buying the paint and had been assured it was the same batch, she still gave us a hard time about it before finally giving us a full can of the same batch number of paint.

So now there are two and three coats of paint on the walls of our bedroom and we still have to go over it all again so we can hopefully get it all to be the same exact shade of Boutique.

S told me to take the evening off yesterday.  So I did.  I was on the couch in my PJs with Abigail & Madeline shortly after he left for work.  Watching episodes of Ghost Whisperer in preparation of Scary Movie Season and Hallowe’en.  Watched too many episodes and was up half the night.

Tonight is dinner with L and then home to paint.  Again.  For crying out loud!!


 * Yes, S was on his stag night. Yes, he had a good time.  No, I did not enjoy it.  I woke at 5:30 and he was not in bed.  Cue panic.  From the time it took me to get from the spare room down to where he was asleep on the couch I had run through every possibility in my mind.  From hospitalized to passed out on the street to in jail and, my favorite, shacked up somewhere with the stripper.  But, thankfully, he was safe and sound and sleeping on the couch with the TV turned on. But I was too shaken to go back to bed.  Hence the painting at 7:00am.

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