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Warning – there are a LOT of images in this post!

This weekend was a very busy weekend, about which more later, but on Saturday morning I took a detour to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.

lovely place to keep the car park, don't you think?

It was phenomenal.  I did not take much time to learn about the history of the house, because I knew all I wanted to know before I even went.

forgive the blur - it's a flash issue

This magnificent mansion was used as the film location for Mr Darcy’s house, Pemberley, in the 2005 film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. This adaptation is my favourite, and the scenes with Elizabeth and Mr Darcy at Pemberley are some of my favourite.

ceiling detail as taken from the reflection in a magnifying mirror

The location did not disappoint.

the marble hall which features in the film

On of my favourite parts of the film is when they focus on Elizabeth admiring a beautifully rendered sculpture which, according to the fact sheet at the house is: “The sculpture of the Veiled Vestel Virgin was made in 1847 by Raffaelle Monti. It came from Chiswick House … in the late 1800s and has always attracted a lot of attention with its amazing, see-through, marble veil. As much as I admired it in the film it is fantastically amazing in person.



Look how beautiful that is. Honestly, it’s breathtaking.

The house was absolutely packed with tourists. It was difficult to pause anywhere for longer than a few seconds without being interrupted. I would like to go mid-morning on a winter school-time Wednesday when it would, hopefully, be less busy.

the dining room - looks just like ours

There was so much to see, it would take hours and hours. I am going to go ahead and post a few more photographs. Please excuse the lack of detail and description, but I honestly don’t know what most of them are!

detail from a marble-topped table

figure in carved-wood walls

I just loved this expression

no detail overlooked

I can't even talk to you about the library!

how relaxed does he look?

lion statue

sleeping lion statue

One final bonus shot from the film; the staircase where Elizabeth runs away and Mr Darcy chases her. In a sweet way, not scary.

Elizabeth & Darcy's staircase!

So, yeah, it was an amazing morning. I am going to go back. I would like to go back weekly!  It was phenomenally beautiful. There was so much to see you really could go back weekly and still not see it all.  If you’re ever in the north of England with a few spare hours then do yourself a favour and visit this magnificent house.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to watch the film for the millionth time. Then re-read the novel again. Then maybe watch the film. 🙂

I promise details about the weekend, soon!



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