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A Bloggable Life has started a new feature called Perspectives. The point of this feature is to showcase photographs taken with mobile devices such as phones rather than with fancy cameras. Often life presents you with great opportunities and you have to be pretty quick to capture them, so using your camera phone is easier even if you don’t end up with a pristine result.

For my entry to this feature I have chosen the following photograph:

I took this picture a few years ago when S and I were at Live@ Loch Lomond. It was muddy and some poor soul slipped on the mud and fell down. He was immediately set upon by everyone within reasonable distance.  If I had stopped and taken the time to get my camera out of my bag I would have missed it, because I barely got my phone out in time.

Thankfully the guy was not hurt, although I expect he had more than a few bruises the next day.

So, here’s to mobile photography (no, not a camera on wheels!), and here’s to A Bloggable Life for starting this fantastic feature.

Make sure you head over there and check it out



p.s. Yay me! This is my 100th post on 3,444 Miles Per Hour! Fantastic!


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