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my garden!

At the beginning of the season this year we put down two packets of throw-n-grow wild flower seeds. Our garden now looks like a paint colour sampler:

There’s a few more here if you’d like to see them: My Garden



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Galloway Forest

I’m so pleased.  Very pleased.

Why, you ask?  Well,  on Monday I sent an e-mail to the Forestry Commission asking about leaves.  Laugh, if you will, but I am serious.  I asked whether their leaves had started changing yet – I didn’t want to miss them in all their glory and I am planning to take an afternoon off work to photograph the trees in Galloway Forest Park.

I was unsure whether I would recieve a response or not, but receive one I certainly did.  I was highly impressed the next day when I got a lovely e-mail from one of their staff:

” I have spoken to a couple of my colleagues and they say that the leaves are just starting to turn but are not in their full glory yet.  The area around Kirroughtree Visitors Centre and the Bruntis Trail is starting to go but many other areas are still quite green.  I have mentioned to [L. H.] who does our blog and she will mention the colours in future postings.  However, she does ony do this about once a week.  If you could tell me which area you are intending to visit and if you want to e-mail us again I will try to keep you posted and hopefully you can get here before the trees are bare!”

How kind, how informative, how helpful.  I have yet to respond to this e-mail but I can assure you that it will be a glowing and effusive e-mail applauding them.

Then their blog post.  I am not going to copy the whole thing, but please go to their website to read it.  Below is an excerpt:

Galloway Forest Park

“Whilst the full [throes] of Autumn hasn’t quite happened in this wood yet, the warm light from the late afternoon sun filters through the trees and provides anticipation and a subtle glimpse of great things to come.”

So I am very pleased.  I was expecting a sentence or two quickly letting me know the status of the leaves, if I received any response at all, but the staff of the Forestry Commission have gone above and beyond in this instance helping me out more than I ever hoped they would.

Perhaps I am not the only person to enquire about the autumn leaves, I am sure with such a large park and such beautiful landscapes many others like myself are planning trips to the park this fall, however to have a response so tailored to my enquiry totally blew me away.

Thank you Forestry Commission for making me even more excited about the prospects of autumn.  Thank you for taking me seriously and thank you for taking the time to respond so kindly.

The rest of you, watch this space because you can be sure there will be photos posted in the next few weeks chronicling the autumnal glory and vicious beauty of a forest in full seasonal change.



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