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On Sunday morning I rose very early and spent the morning in the back garden waiting for the sunrise to catch me. We’re southern exposure but there are houses directly behind ours, so the sun needs to be truly risen before it shines directly on our small patch of land. I love watching its progress as the bright line of promised warmth creeps down the back of the house and across the yard inch by inch.

I sat on the patio listening to birdsong, warming my hands on my coffee cup, reading a book which I am enjoying immensely and feeling generally contented. The simple joy of the morning stayed with me all day.

It reminded me of a similar morning, September two years ago – we had just moved into our house and I had baked an apple cake to celebrate our new oven. The Saturday of that distant weekend I sat on the back step with my apple cake, my coffee and my fiancé (now my Mr!) waiting for the sun to burn the mist out of the morning sky.

Morning has always been my favourite time of day and Sunday’s was wonderful.

Slow down and enjoy your next weekend morning. Brew the expensive coffee you keep in the freezer for when company comes. Have some cake or your favourite muffins. Take that book off the shelf; you know the one with the spine so bent from use it opens to the best part automatically, and sit down to read it again. Leave the laundry. Leave the dishes. Leave the radio off.

Just sit.

Trust me, it’s worth it.



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