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buying used

I know a lot of people who might have a problem with buying certain things from the second-hand market.  Not so much with clothing or furniture, but stuffed toys and books are sometimes an issue.  Germs, I think… I buy most of my books second-hand, and I know Amazon even has an online store for only used books.

Whether you’re a big fan of FreeCycle or Gumtree, or you’d rather buy everything brand new so you can still smell the factory when you unwrap it, there is one item in life that most people will probably never buy brand new, and that is a house.  I don’t know the exact numbers, and I couldn’t be bothered looking them up, but I would say that the vast majority of homes on the market today are “used”.

When buying a used item over the internet, for instance, the description could include such phrases as “worn gently”, or “like new”, but these are not phrases you would ever find in the description of a property.  My question is, why not?

OK, I know there are other ways of telling exactly how “gently worn” a house is and that’s what surveys are for, but I think it would be helpful to know some of these things up front.

What about you?  If you were in the market for a property, how new would it need to be? Would you want something only worn gently or would you accept a property under the category of well-loved?

And what would you want to know about the history of the house?  Would you like to know how many owners it has had? The year it was built? Whether it was a mass-market house or built with care by hand?  What about the people or number of families who lived there?

Say, for example, that you had a spare $1,000,000 and were looking for a 3-story waterfront Dutch Colonial with a boat house and swimming pool on Long Island?  Would you mind if the house wasn’t in the well-loved category?  Probably not, right?  Well….

Would you mind that the house was the scene of a gruesome murder in 1974 when a Ronald DeFeo shot and killed his mother, father and his four siblings in their sleep?

Would it bother you that these killings reportedly sparked supernatural occurrences (read: haunting) that caused previous owners to move out of the house? One family lived there for less than a month!

Would it matter to you that the supposed haunting of the property has been the subject of quite a few books and feature films and that you could possibly get enthusiasts showing up wanting a tour of the attic rooms?

Well, if none of the above really bothers you, and you do happen to have a spare $1,000,000 lying around, then perhaps you’d be interested in buying this, even if it is the Amityville Horror house….


Me?  I’d rather just keep on shopping…..


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