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Traffic on the way to work has been particularly bad these last few days due to a train strike here in Scotland.  As a result of this, my morning commute has turned from generally unpleasant to downright unbearable.  It’s a 26 mile drive and I normally make the journey in 45 minutes – an hour at most.  On Wednesday I left the house at 7:10 and got to work at 8:45.

Yeah, I know.

So, in order to make the past few commutes a bit less horrifying, I have been enjoying the general splendor of the world.  Mainly sunrises.





Unfortunately, today it was raining so the sunrise was obscured by thick, black clouds.  Which left me time to reflect on a few other pressing items.

Like the £60 parking ticket I got on Wednesday night. £60! We were headed back to the car on time and as we rounded the corner at the bottom of the hill we saw my car at the top, flanked by two parking cops. I huffed my way up the hill as fast as I could and still did not make it. The time my paid parking expired? 17:02. The time stamped on my ticket? 17:05. Oh, yes, I was in a foul mood after that.

Then there was this:

Spidey, originally uploaded by holepunchintheshapeofastar.

Which was in our bedroom last night. S thought it was a mouse until he flicked the lights on.  If only it had been a mouse!  Honestly it was the size of my fist. It’s one of many spidey friends we’ve had in the house since we moved in. I don’t know whether it’s because the house was empty for three months before we moved in or whether it’s just that time of year when spideys are looking for warm places to live. They are not welcome in our house.

Do you hear that, you horrible 8-legged crawlers? Not. Welcome.

Especially in the bedroom. I could hardly sleep – I was up every hour or so and, of course, had to shake out the pillows and sheets to make sure there were no other fist-sized spideys in my bed. Thankfully there were not, otherwise I may never have gotten back to sleep.

I hope the rain stops before the weekend. We have painting to do and it helps to have the windows open.

I know this is only the beginning of the blog, but posting may be a bit sporadic as I learn the ropes. I am having trouble with my flickr photos. Any one out there able to offer some assistance? Also, we still do not have Internet at home since the move and Friday is my last day at work before the wedding so I may not be able to post.

Until then.


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