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poems? yes, poems.

We had a meeting of the Writers’ Group tonight and it has inspired me to post a poem for your enjoyment. It is not the poem I wrote this afternoon to read at this evening’s meeting (because that one is all the way downstairs and it’s cold in our house), but it’s one I wrote in 2001 for a poetry class at B-W.


Boy, Age 5

He struggles with the tying part,
His chubby fingers in a losing battle
For a chance to grip the dirty cloth.

Quite easily he forgets the task,
And runs along to play with an
Untied shoelace left trailing

OR, for a bit of much-loved symmetry, the following poem which, according to my records, I wrote exactly 10 years ago today:

rainy flowerpot thoughts

i left my flower pot out in the pouring rain
but there were no umbrellas in sight
now my yellow blooms may die before they
have a chance to grow i wonder if my car
will start this morning if it doesn’t i’ll
have to take the bus again there are people
on the bus who haven’t had their baths yet
i think they need the rain more than my flowers
i think i need a nap i have never caught my Zs
before i wonder where they are hiding
if i do catch them i’ll call my taxidermist
and have them stuffed so i don’t have to tell
stories about the one that got away to polite
company who still put their elbows on the table
look there goes the neighbor’s teeny tiny
puppy dog Mandy who has black fur and white
fur and floppy ears who names their dog Mandy?
isn’t Mandy a gir’s name? maybe the dog is female
if the dog is female then it’s a bitch *gasp!* my
daddy told me never ever ever say that word
oh no another flower fell much too much water
i think i’ll bring them in from the rain i think
i can see some Zs running by in the distance
but i think they are too shy to come any closer
and i think that i am too tired to catch them.

Also somewhat cyclical considering I can’t sleep.

Tomorrow, if you’re lucky, I’ll post the poem I wrote today. If I can remember. If I can drag myself out of bed and get it done.


p.s. Both poems above are original works written by myself. Please do not steal them. It would make me unhappy. Trust me when I say you don’t want that to happen. It’s very bad.

p.p.s. I hear there’s quite a bit of snow out there in the good old US of A. Good luck with that. The high temperature here today was 46*F. Balmy.

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