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Scott Matthews

The Song: Underlying Lies

The Man: Scott Matthews

This song is the original inspiration behind Tunesday. “Underlying Lies” is the opening track of Matthew’s second album, Elsewhere which was released over a year ago in May 2009.   His début album, Passing Stranger is one of my favourite albums of all time, so I was very excited when Elsewhere was released.  There is not one song on the album that I wouldn’t recommend. It is stunning. This album lures you in from the first notes and the entire world disappears as you listen.

We’ve also been to see him live twice and I can say for certain they were some of the best gigs I have ever been to. He is amazing live. His talent shines through and he is very funny, as well. Good music and good banter? My idea of a fabulous night!!

I have chosen this particular song for a few reasons which I am not going to tell you. You’ll have to go listen to it yourself. If you go to his website, linked above, you can listen to this song and three others. Scott Matthews gets better with each song he releases and I can heartily recommend this song and this album. Listen to it, you won’t regret it!

Underlying Lies by Scott Matthews

I don’t feel like I know you
Flawed in trust and in truth you fake excuse
From the moment that I wake up
You taste the venom in your tea cup

As I look out the window
All I see is a deadly row of eyes
With no colour in their makeup
Many cracks in a mask that hides disgrace

In the paper there’s a headline
“A vicious cloud weighs the sky down tonight”
They forsee a bloody screaming
In the palms of a man who is seething

I can smell your fake smile now
The glue sets on a face you wear proud
Remind me who the hell you are
I don’t remember thinking we were ever friends

Spare me your bullshit
Cracking a smile disguises
All the underlying lies
They’re bursting from your eyes

You’re the traitor with a pounding head
As you drank another toast to the living dead
It’s not wise to celebrate so soon
The party’s over and you’re sweeping up the room

I’m only glad that I brushed you aside
Cause I was choking on the dust from you empty mind
You’re full of promises unpaid
This only serves to remind me you’re a fake
A counterfeit will break

Go to his website and listen to this song (upper left corner) then go buy the album. Both of them if you can. But, above all of that, go and see him live. He’s amazing.


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