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what’s all this then?

S and I went to the Public Enquiries Office in Glasgow today to apply for my Spousal Visa.

The last time I went, for the Visa that I am on at the moment, I was there for almost 3 hours and someone made me cry.  It was awful.  I felt as though they were questioning my very existence on this planet let alone my existence here in the UK.  Even the security guards were surly.

Today?  We were there for about an hour.  It was basically:

“Hello, I am A.  This is my husband, S.”

“Hello, A.  Here is your Visa.”

Seriously that easy.  The guy we met with was from the city where we live and most of our time with him was spent discussing good places to go for a pint. It was surreal.

The next Visa meeting is in 2 more years.  Between now and then I need to sit the Life in the UK test which, apparently, isn’t as fun as it sounds.  It’ll cost us over £1,000 (bringing the grand total spent on Visas up to a whopping £2,500) and will be for Indefinite Leave to Remain which means forever.

For now, though, I’ve got two more years and hopefully a Visa with which I’ll be able to get a half decent job.*

Thanks to everyone for your support.



* The guy today asked me whether I found it tough to get a job on the Fresh Talent Visa that I’m on at the moment.  I explained to him that the job I’m in I got through a temp agency and since then have sent out close to 100 CVs and applications with ZERO call backs.  Tough?  No.  Impossible?  Nearly.

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