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I fretted and fretted about which song to feature this week. Was I going to do another one by Two Door Cinema Club in honour of their (very good) concert last week? What about something by the Barenaked Ladies in anticipation of the gig we’re going to on Friday at the Academy? I could not decide. Then something happened which made both artists slip completely from my mind. What could this be? you ask, what remarkable event could possibly have occurred to throw me off my path?

Well, OK Go have released a new video, of course!


Yes, I know, another post about them. Yes, I know, another link to another of their videos. But, really, can you blame me? The answer is NO, no you can’t. Why not? Because they are wonderful guys who make fantastic music and ridiculously, ridiculously awesome videos, that’s why!

So, happy Tunesday. And to the boys; well done.

The song: White Knuckles

The band: OK Go

We all know I can’t say enough good things about these guys. It’s true, I love them. Although I did promise myself years ago that I wouldn’t turn into one of those fans that’s just a nodding, smiling face who repeats “Oh, yeah, it was great…” over and over again no matter what, and I am proud to say I have remained true to this promise. To prove it; I have a very vivid memory of Tim’s reaction when I told him I thought the new album was “a grower”! But I also can say that I really do think everything they’ve released has been great. Beyond great in a lot of cases, actually. So when they released a new video yesterday I approached it with some trepidation afraid they would fall short of their extremely high mark (even though I had four very emphatic assurances that it is the best one yet). I am happy to report they did not.

This video is great (smile, nod, nod), not only is it highly entertaining, it’s already viral AND it promotes animal rescue efforts. Honestly, what more could you expect four guys to do in 3 minutes and 36 seconds?

It may not have the immediate mind status = blown that their video for “This Too Shall Pass” has, but it did make me want to a) buy their album [again], b) shop in IKEA and c) adopt [quite] a few dogs.

So – if you are not already one of the million (plus) people who has viewed the video since it’s release yesterday, do yourself a favour and go watch it now. Then buy their album(s). Then head directly out to your nearest animal shelter and adopt a dog or two, provided you are able to love and take care of them properly. Allergic to dogs? Animal shelters have all sorts of pets – go on down and see if they have something you like. Provided you can take care of them properly. (disclaimer!)

And most importantly go and see these guys perform live; it may just change your life. It certainly changed mine. Oh, and while you’re there – say hello from me.

White Knuckles by OK Go

You’ll never get that taste, out of your mouth
You’ll never get the paw prints, out of the hen house now
And you can’t go back, same way you came
Round all the pieces up, but they just don’t fit the same

White knuckles
Maybe it’s not so bad
So let your hair down now

White knuckles
Yeah maybe it’s not so bad
Aww go ahead and let it down

So come and let it all out, let it bleed
Did you get what you want? Did you get what you need?
Behind the lines, behind the walls
Tell me what’s the bet you made, was it that bad after all?

White knuckles
Yeah maybe it’s not so bad
So let your hair down now

White knuckles
Aww maybe it’s not so bad
Just let it all come down now

So just have fun, it’s far enough
Everybody needs to sleep at night, everybody needs a crutch
But couldn’t good, be good enough?
Cause nothin’ ever doesn’t change but nothin’ changes much

Yeah, maybe it’s not so bad
So let your hair down now
White knuckles

Aww maybe it’s not so bad
Just let it all come down now

Yeah maybe it’s not so bad
Just let your hair come down now

Oh maybe it’s not so bad
Just let it all come down

Congratulations on another scorcher, boys, you’ve done very well. One of my favourite tracks on Of the Blue Colour of the Sky and another video that makes me wish I lived in the future and could receive YouTube transmissions directly to my retinas (sorry, am I taking it a bit too far?).



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