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In case you’re someone I don’t know, or have been living under a rock lately, I should probably say that I HAVE A JOB. YES!!! All that positive thinking (joke!) paid off, finally, and since the 12th of August I’ve been gainfully employed.

I started off as a personal assistant in the Service Futures department, but from this past Tuesday I’m officially the National Health Service Ayrshire & Arran Data Sharing Partnership senior support officer. One heck of a job title, don’t you think? Basically I’m administrative support, but I think that a mouthful of words is always the best option!!

Other than getting up in the morning to go to work (YAY!) and actually enjoying my job (seriously!!) I’ve not been up to much. S and I are trying to keep a low profile until our funds eek their way out of the red.

Kate came back from Kansas and her and John got engaged which as sent me into a bit of a frenzy of excitement. I can’t imagine being happier for them!!! Although I am still formulating my plan to kidnap Kate and lock her in my basement garage so she doesn’t ever have to move back to Kansas. 🙂

I have also been reading A LOT. Seven books in the last 11 days, actually. Which ones?

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince and HP & the Deathly Hallows and The Tales of Beedle the Bard by my good friend JK Rowling. I always enjoy re-reading Harry Potter but this time was different – because it has been too long I’d forgotten what happened. It was all very exciting and page-turning near the end.

Stardust by Neil Gaiman which I’ve read before but still enjoyed. It is totally different from the movie, which I’m afraid I actually like better. Sorry Neil. I would recommend both the book and the movie to anyone, but if I could make a suggestion, read the book AFTER you’ve seen the movie.

How Much of Us There Was by Michael Kimball which may actually been the saddest book I have ever read. It’s about an elderly couple and is written in the husband’s point of view. His wife has a seizure in the night and remains in a coma and he tries everything he can think of to wake her up, he sets her alarm clock on her hospital bedside table every night thinking if she hears the alarm going off she’ll wake up. It is a story of their declining lives amidst their strong love for each other. It reminded me of my Nana and Papa a lot, which I suppose made it even sadder. But I absolutely loved the book and will read it again, once I have stopped crying every time I think about it.

Light on Snow by Anita Shrieve which is about a father and daughter who discover an abandoned freshly newborn baby when snowshoeing one evening near their home in New Hampshire. The mother of the baby shows up at their house a week or so later and ends up getting stranded there during a particularly bad storm. The novel focuses mostly on how the young girl deals with trying to understand the horrible crime this woman committed by abandoning her newborn in the snow and at the same time forming a close friendship with her. It was pretty good, although I was kind of just reading it to finish reading it.

And tonight I finished Addition by Toni Jordan. It’s a very clever novel in which the lead character is nearly crippled by obsessive-compulsive disorder. She counts everything in her life and can’t function without her strict routine. She falls in love with a guy and together they try to cure her of her obsession but it all falls apart. It was gently comic and throughly enjoyable. A great bubble-bath read.

So, I guess, that’s what I have been up to.

I am working on something for my next post, which may take a while. I am also going to be reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman next.

And I will be going to work at my fabulous new job. Wish me luck!


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quietly losing my mind

Or, as it turns out, not so quietly.

It is going on 9 weeks since I worked last – the longest stretch in my adult life.

I am guessing the number of jobs I’ve applied for is nearing 100. Most don’t give any acknowledgement and none have called me back.

The only mail I get are credit card bills and rejection letters.

S has been working a lot of overtime so I have been alone a lot. Time alone is not good – I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss my pick-up truck.

I think about all the things I could do with 9 weeks off work if I wasn’t totally consumed by panic or if I had the money to fly to the States. (Visit Natalie, for one.)

I think about how much longer we can last on one income before we have to consider drastic alternatives. Which is not a good thing, because it’s not as long as you would think.

So, what am I doing to keep from losing my mind? I am trying to stay positive, which is a full-time job. I am applying for jobs, which is a full-time job. In my spare time I am watching crime dramas on TV, movies I know well enough to quote the whole way through, and playing a lot of Peggle.

Hopefully I get a job before I lose my mind, or at least before I drive my husband to lose his.

Fingers crossed, please, and all the good wishes you can spare. We need them.


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whiskey hotel alpha tango

When I worked at the SECC there were a few security guards who didn’t call me by name – instead, the spelled out my surname in the UN Phonetic Alphabet.

Delta Echo Echo Delta Sierra

Which has quite a nice rhythm.

They’d sure have a heck of a time now.

Tango Echo Mike Papa Lima Echo Tango Oscar November

Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.



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Hello.  Welcome back after your long and unexplained absence.  How have you been?  We’ve missed you.


Oh, wait.  Strike that and reverse it.


I am sorry I have been away so long, and on such a cliff hanger.


S and I went to Egypt on our honeymoon (more on that later) and when I came back I lost my job.  So then I spent the next week frantically searching for a new job, then I started my new job.  All this while still having no reliable source of Internet at the house.  Unless piggy-backing off of someone’s unsecured wireless network counts, which I don’t think it does.


Anyway.  FM Construction went into administration which means it has gone bust. Bankrupt. Belly-up.  Whatever.  So not only do I no longer have a job there, I don’t get the benefit of a notice period with pay, or any redundancy pay at all (mostly because I am an American and don’t qualify for “government assistance”).


So I had a week off after our week in Egypt during which I registered for a temp agency and was assigned to a job.  Not a bad turnaround in this market!  So I am working as a temp at Land Engineering in Fenwick, waiting to be taken on permanently.  It’s 4 miles from my house and I would get a raise.  Not a bad situation in this market!!


Other than that there is no news, really. 


Oh, wait, yes there is.  I’m going to Paris!  Actually, I am not going on my own, I am going with friends, so it should read We’re going to Paris, but I didn’t want you to assume the “we” would be S and I, because it’s not.  It’s Kate and Julie and I. 


We’re going to Paris for the day on Saturday March 7th.  We’ll leave Glasgow at 7am and get into the centre of Paris by 10:45.  In order to catch our plane we need to leave the centre of Paris at 8pm and we’ll arrive back in Glasgow at half past 11.


Including all taxes and airport fees it comes to £16.20 per person. 


Isn’t that awesome?  Yeah, I thought so.  So we’re going to Paris for lunch!!!


I’ll keep you posted, I hope, more frequently now that things have settled down some.




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ah, space…

I would like to take this moment to thank the massive downturn in the construction and development market. 

I now have room to park my car at work.


There’s a silver lining to every cloud, people!


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